Goodbye 2012

Beck's year 2012...

  1. Survived taste-testing a century egg and enjoyed our friends' wedding in Malaysia.
  2. Visited a psychic for the first time.
  3. Freelanced full-time for three months, dayjobbed (a verb, yes?) for nine months and decided to revert to part-time to make way for more writing.
  4. Endured a real low point when our cat Jemma went missing and never returned, despite months of searching.
  5. Regained custody of my two cats, Mew-Two and Jaffa, after they'd lived with my ex for three years.
  6. Dabbled in being a redhead and decided I like life on the flame-haired side.
  7. Dipped my toe into the wonderful world of fish foot spas.
  8. Voted on firemen calendar wannabes at a selection night and won the raffle prize of attending the photo shoot and oiling down the "talent". Phew, it was tough work!
  9. Won, in addition to the firemen raffle, a magazine subscription and social media course. Hooray! : )
  10. Learned to make cheese with my friend Karen.
  11. Wrote for magazines, Dog's Life and Diabetic Living, and online for Mamamia (Megan Gale even tweeted about my article!).
  12. Tried (and got heart palpitations from) shooting a gun.
  13. Managed not to go completely round the twist renovating our bathroom.
  14. Saw The Hunger Games at the cinema, became enthralled, and then proceeded to buy the books and read them repeatedly.
  15. Modelled myself on Lady Gaga for my pole dancing competition performance to Just Dance.
  16. Saw one of my ultra-idols, James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy, at a pop culture convention.
  17. Enjoyed my first ever flight for (and paid for by) work, staying in a beautiful Melbourne hotel with a TV in the bath!
  18. Learned to make sparkly, magpie-pleasing jewellery at a dichroic glass course with gal pal, Cathy.
  19. Embarked on a road trip with Mr Big's family to the lovely seaside town of Port Fairy and had a ball pretending to be a pioneer at Sovereign Hill.
  20. Saw my favourite band from back when I was a kid in concert. Roxette definitely still rox!
Wanna see my 2011 list? Here it is.


  1. Sounds like an awesome year! Happy 2013!

  2. The year had several highs, but one major low with our cat going missing, so I'm hoping 2013 will be better.

    Hope the coming year is great for you. : )



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