I Tried... Shooting a Gun!

A voucher for my birthday, a firing range and popping balloons...

Firstly, let me get one thing straight: I don't advocate guns or killing for sport. I'm not even that keen on killing for food. I just wanted to try shooting a gun, you know, for the coming zombocalypse. Best to be prepared, right?

Shooting a gun at a firing range has been on my bucket list for some time and, recognising this, my in-laws decided to give me a taste of being an outlaw for my birthday. So off to the firing range Mr Big and I toddled.

If you've never fired a gun and you'd like to try it, first let me pose you a question: Are you afraid of popping balloons? Because I am. I hadn't connected these two concepts until I stood in my stall next to the other shooters and squealed and had a mini-heart attack every time someone fired at their target.

We tried four types of guns, each more powerful than the last, two automatic then two revolvers. I preferred the smallest automatic for its weaker kickback and (relatively) quiet bang. By the time we got to the revolvers, I was seriously considering quitting and waiting for Mr Big in the lounge area with a nice cup of tea.

But with nine other men in my group of shooters and zero women, I loathed the thought of being such a stereotypical girl. In the end, I'm glad I pushed through. I gave it a go, I'm actually not a bad shot, and I can now say I've tried firing a gun.

So, on to my next bucket list pursuit... Should I try skinny dipping or picking locks?

Have you tried firing a gun? Did it scare the living @#/%$ out of you?

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