The Melbourne Trip

You may have noticed last week's Fabulous Friday post went by the wayside. Mr Big and I travelled to Melbourne for a few days' R & R. Can you guess what we got up to? Here's a quiz...

1  We trekked to Melbourne for
a)  the Australian Open
b)  a LEGO convention
c)  a blogging convention
d)  Fashion Week
correct answer: b (but the other options sound all kinds of rad too!)

2  While there, a 10-year-old told me I look like
a)  Miranda Kerr
b)  Miley Cyrus
c)  someone's mum
correct answer: flatteringly, c : (

3  Happily, I was also complimented by a stranger on my
a)  Banana-yellow skinny jeans
b)  Mandarin-orange shorts
c)  Grape-purple peep-toe ankle boots
correct answer: a (although I do own b and c)

4  My favourite LEGO exhibit was
a)  a gigantic pink-frosted doughnut
b)  The Love Boat
c)  styrofoam LEGO men the size of Cabbage Patch dolls
correct answer: a (b and c were there too)

5  We met up with
a)  our long-lost identical twins
b)  a celebrity I was interviewing for a top glossy
c)  friends who've moved to Melbourne and Mr Big's online friend from an action figure forum
correct answer: c

Up for another quiz? See how I feel about the ol' day job in Workin' 9 to 5.

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