Are You Ass-kicking Your Goals in 2013?

The dust has well-and-truly settled since I kicked up my heels at New Year's, but how am I going with my goals for 2013? Completely forgotten, guilty memory, or notched up into achievements already? Let's take a look...

In my blog post, "Hello 2013!", I set my annual writing goals, including 10 magazines I'm fixing to write for:

In these first two months (in fact, by the end of January!), I'd written for two of these mags, Peppermint and Girlfriend. I've also attended a social media course in Melbourne (run by NET:101's Tim Martin) and am currently writing an article 'on spec' for The Big Issue.

I'm feeling like I'm making real progress. I attribute this to:
  1. switching back to 3 days a week in my 9-5 mediator job and having more time to write
  2. being more established as a writer so it's easier to get further writing gigs and, well...
  3. luck.
Long may it continue!

I'll share my articles from Peppermint and Girlfriend as they're published (fingers crossed!), along with my latest query letters to editors, successful and not-so-much.

So, over to you. How are your goals going?

If they're of the writerly persuasion (dreaming of a career in magazines, writing, blogging or similar), I'm here to help!

Here's how:

  • Magazine Interns and Freelance Writers: I'd love to interview you on this-a-here blog (see examples here and here). And I'll link to your Twitter, Facebook, blog 'n' all as part of the deal. : )
  • Beginner Writers and Bloggers: Contact me with your best questions about writing and I'll do my darnedest to answer them on the blog, or if you're shy, by email back atcha!
  • Everyone: Happy to hear from you with any questions, comments, suggestions etc you may have or if there's anything you'd like me to blog about.

Just email me at or tweet right at me @becksandthecity. Easy!

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