Magazine Guide #14: Shop Til You Drop

Publication: Shop Til You Drop
How Often Does It Come Out: Monthly
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
Mostly staff-written, but you never know your luck.
Target Audience:
Age: Around 18-40
Gender: Female
Interests: Shopping, fashion and beauty.
Topics and Themes:
Shop Til You Drop aims to make fashion accessible to everyone, young and old, cashed-up and cash-strapped, skinny and curvaceous. Megan Moir Pardy's brilliant column tells shopping the way it is for bigger figures and articles sermonise on new ways to shop (group buying web sites, Mecca Cosmetica's new maxi-mart), new trends (backpacks) and new stores (Gap). Two of my favourite articles are "The Fashion Intern Wardrobe" and "The New Zine Scene" about fashion fanzines.
Length of Features:
Short pieces reach around 500 words and the longest pieces contain 1,500.
Tone and Style of Writing:
The writing is familiar and friendly, with short and sharp titles. Case studies, lists and breakout boxes all appear. The people in the know quoted are brand managers, stylists and designers. One article also refers to Urban Dictionary.
About How Many Features:
Let's say 11.


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