Magazine Guide #13: WellBeing

Publication: WellBeing
How Often Does It Come Out: 6 issues per year
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
Plenty of contributors and the exciting news is there's even a page on the WellBeing web site about how to contribute to the magazine. It talks about word length, themes of the magazine, style guidelines, how to research and best of all, pay rates ($220 per 1,000 words published or $150 for a whole experience-based article). Also note the magazine prefers writers to submit photos to accompany their writing, especially for travel articles.
Target Audience:
Age25-50 and beyond
Gender: Mostly female
Interests: Natural health and beauty, wellbeing, relationships, the environment, mind, body and soul.
Topics and Themes:
Aside from the expected topics of yoga and meditation, there are articles on holidaying in Broome, India and Canada, the concept of "slow cities," all-natural DIY muscle-soothing remedies, rejuvenating your eyes, turning off the iPhone and computer and performing a "digital detox" on your life, art and play therapy, burnout at work, eating disorders and the benefits of corn.
Length of Features:
Generally 2,000-2,500 words, except for "real life experiences," which should be around 800 words.
Tone and Style of Writing:
There is a strong how-to focus, with articles being worded in a direct and helpful way. Dot points, subheadings, breakout boxes and self-checking lists are often used to aid meaning. Some experts are quoted, but infrequently. The magazine seems to be trying to avoid hitting readers over the head with statistics, experts and survey results. 
About How Many Features:
Around 20, plus eight regular columns!


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