Magazine Guide #18: Weight Watchers

Publication: Weight Watchers
How Often Does It Come Out: Monthly
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
There are four experts, in the areas of fitness, nutrition, food and men's health. Although they aren't listed as staff on the masthead, a couple of writers have two articles published in this issue, suggesting the magazine has a stable of preferred freelancers. Overall, signs are promising though.
Target Audience:
Gender: Female
Interests: Weight loss, beauty, health, nutrition, beauty, fitness, psychology.
Topics and Themes:
Miraculous weight loss stories with the aid of Weight Watchers are obviously a focus. Articles "Think Yourself Slim," "The Simple 7-day Confidence Plan," "10 Reasons to Trim Down With Weights" and "Love After Weight Loss" are representative.
Length of Features:
Usually 500-1,500 words.
Tone and Style of Writing:
Lists and time limits are popular, eg "10 Reasons to...", "The 7-day Plan to..." and "10 minutes to...". Articles tend to promise readers a benefit. Other devices include breakout boxes, a food diary, case studies, sub-headings, and FAQs. The tone is positive and encourages readers to set and achieve goals.
About How Many Features:


  1. I ♥ Weight Watchers -- they have awesome recipes too!

  2. I'm really into their snack foods, despite the fact I generally avoid diet foods like the plague. Their microwave meals, little pizzas and desserts are great!



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