Behind the Scenes Look at Magazines

New show Park St will debut on Foxtel's Arena channel on Wednesday, 23 February at 8:30pm. 

Running for ten weeks, it will reveal how top fashion magazines operate and (I'm imagining) all the fun, clothes, celebrities, deadlines and models it entails. I. Need. Foxtel. NOW!!!

The show will follow the editors, stylists, photographers, sales and creative staff of five titles at ACP Magazines (the biggest publishing house in Australia). The editors are pictured above, left to right:

  • Cleo -- Gemma Crisp
  • Madison -- Lizzie Renkert
  • Cosmopolitan -- Jessica Parry (Acting Editor)
  • Dolly -- Tiffany Dunk
  • Shop Til You Drop -- Justine Cullen

In this month's Shop Til You Drop there is a promotional fashion shoot of how staffers wish they looked doing their jobs, with faux editors, fashion assistants and interns. Pretty savvy marketing and some very sharp fashion.

Apart from the fact this documentary will likely prove fascinating, I'd love any insight it can impart into how to impress these editors with my pitches for feature articles.

I may have to mug someone with Foxtel.

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