Craft Words for Writers

Want a perfectly-crafted piece of writing on craft? Use these words and phrases for inspiration.

Design, panels, artiness, pretty things, fabric, sewing, softies, paper, vintage, floral, cardboards, quilting, lace, clay, pastels, hues, tints, paints, acrylic, collection, model, Etsy, varnish, scrap, applique, card-making, material, glue, paste, attach, pin, knit, purl, crochet, scrapbooking, glitter, diamantes, beading, Swarovski crystals, stencil, pattern, origami, handmade, limited edition, organic, recycled, project kit, costume, toy, unique, quirky, illustrated, engraved, embossed, felt, frame, photograph, trinket, goodies, makers, giftwrap, creative, fair trade, yarn, soaps, candles, accessories, embroidery, vegan, eco-friendly, DIY, sketchbook, ideas, jewellery, art, shop, skincare, markets, sourced locally, dolls, needlepoint, retro, traditional, offcuts, nostalgia, emerging, aesthetic, textiles, intricate, 3D, 2D, box, compartment, textile, cover, coordinate, thread, scissors, measure, pencil, strips, edge, gather, coat, lacquer, dimensions, brush, balsa wood, cottage industry, stuff, opening, made-to-order, one-off, custom-made, typography, frills, signature, folds, twists, loops, imagination, stamps, feathers, ribbons, attractive, sustainable, decorative, flowers, arrangement, kiln, pottery, papier mache, vibrant, community, dyes, silk, natural, fibre, funky, modern, indie, presents, gifts, disposable, label, reusable, durable, washable, wallpaper, independent, decals, stickers, studio, rockabilly, neckwear, treasures, haberdashery, tutorial, plushies, adorned, ornament, decoupage, pom-poms, inspiration, creative, flair, fuzzy, colour scheme, kawaii, trace, drill, clasp, wire, emporium, hole punch, dangles, resin, charms, loop, plastic, chain, pendant, geometric, inlays, pewter, quality, metal, hearts, strand, monogram, gingham, sock monkey, romance, bright, magnet, clip art, matte, gloss, colour, weave, raffia, stars, embellishments, eyelets, brads, journal tags, glitter pens, organiser, sort, books, magazines, classes,on-line, cutting boards, apply, re-position, balance, centre, align, draft, stretch, carve, curl, crop, clean, foam tape, double sided tape, mounting tape, photo corners, buttons, pipe cleaners, decorative punches, ink, sponge, splatter, long stitch, mosaics, origami, quilling, macramé, collage, rag-rugging, calligraphy.

What ones have I missed? Let me know and I'll add them.


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