Cute Japanese Fashion Magazine!

On my trip to Malaysia last month, I only bought one magazine (some kind of record for me!). It was a title I'd never heard of before, Ray, the world's first Japanese fashion magazine in English...

The mag was just so lush to look at -- stunning doll-like models with wide doe eyes mascaraed up to the hilt and the pages adorned with tiny keys, bows, flowers and lovehearts.

The fashion was also amazing in that very innocent-sexy mix Japanese girls do so well. Lots of ribbons, polka-dots, check prints and ladylike hats.

Ray would definitely be useful for recycling the pages for gift tags, wrap and greeting cards. If you can bear to cut up a magazine this pretty, that is!

It was also a great read and although the translation was very good, there were spots of Engrish here and there that made me giggle.

There were some nice hair and beauty tips that you wouldn't get in your usual Western magazine, like painting on your blush in a heart shape (I tried this and it looked lovely!). Some of the advice was a bit bogus though (eating tomatoes makes your skin white? Really???).

But then, I didn't really buy it for the articles.


Are you with me on digging Japanese style? Have you ever bought any Japanese magazines?

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