Everything Alice

You know those shopping expeditions when you're looking for gifts and you end up buying something for yourself? I bought Everything Alice on one of those. In my defence, it's the awesomest book ever...

I've been enchanted by Alice In Wonderland ever since I owned this edition with a holographic cover picture as a kid:

Isn't it pretty? The photo probably doesn't do it justice, but the pages inside were spectacularly bright and cheery, with the same kind of puppet illustrations.

Anyway, when I found Everything Alice on the bookstore shelf last week, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit one of my treasured childhood stories and make some very creative craft projects based on it.

The magical tutorials include:
  • Fabric-covered teapots for the garden
  • A vintage cake stand
  • Mad Hatter hats
  • Wonderland cookies
  • "Drink Me" cordials
  • A White Rabbit soft toy

And of course plenty more! I can definitely see myself making the hats and fascinators (how great would they be as a burlesque costume?!!) and the teapot plantholder as a gift. There's also a jewellery project of a bracelet, earrings and necklace made out of a dolls' house tea set. Cute!!

Overall, the craft projects and recipes are not only exciting, they also seem achievable and useful, not just boring old coathanger covers and the like. I'm totally won over!

To find out more about the book, check out the web site and the Amazon page.

Rating: 10/10. After reading this book, every other will seem terribly bland by comparison. You've been warned! : )

Have you discovered any cute crafty books lately? Do share!

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