Tiffany & Co Challenge: Update #5

They have arrived! I chose silver heart earrings from the Tiffany & Co as my reward to myself for Cosmo Bride agreeing to publish my article.

My Tiffany package sat at Fedex for an agonising week, as I wasn't home to sign for it. Now, the wait is over. Here's me wearing them (please ignore pile of neglected ironing in the background)...

Love, love, love them! You may notice they differ from the ones in my poll. I decided ones without the Tiffany stamp are more discreet chic. What do ya reckon?

I now have a week off to catch up on household chores, wedding planning, dance classes, blogging, crash repairs to my car (yep, that's right, some putz hit my beloved vehicle), random acts of fun and fabulousness, query letters to magazines, finishing my book proposal and hanging out with my Mr Big.

Oh, and Sex and the City 2 is in cinemas in mere days. Joy!

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