The Mini-Update

I'm back to playing secretary this week, so between that and last minute Christmas shopping, I can't stop long to chat...

So here's the briefest of updates on my writing projects right now:
  • Magazines: I emailed a pitch to a gardening glossy tonight about the writer/garden designer I met on my recent seaside holiday.
  • Blogging/copywriting: My first ever paid blog post (for a recruiting company) was well-received, but the company is still deciding how they want to use it. It remains in the unpublished ether for now. Sigh.
  • Zine: I'm writing my own zine about magazines. Progress was excellent last week -- I wrote about movies and gifts for mag hags and pasted in some cute and quirky pictures. This week I'm still inspired, but haven't had the time to keep going yet. Stay tuned!

Have you been squeezing writing and other activities around your festive preparations? If you're doing it well, let me in on your secrets! ; )


  1. Good luck with the pitch and trying to balance everything. It can be done! ;)

  2. Thanks Optimistic Mom. I think I've been doing okay. Still waiting on a response from the gardening magazine to my story idea, but most of them would shut down over Christmas anyway. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Hope you had a good Xmas. : )




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