Alannah Hill Challenge: Update #2

The Alannah Hill Challenge to put my name to some well-known magazine articles has progressed well this week.

Since update #1, I have:

While Vogue and Madison are not beating a path to my door yet, I'm feeling optimistic about my progress. A nice little Alannah Hill treat is firmly in my sights...


  1. Hello! Stopping by to say hi from the Hop Along Friday Hop. I am a follower. I hope you will stop by and see my new look. I moved to wp! Hope you have a great Friday! ~Heather

  2. you just make me happy!

    happy weekend!

    love me,
    the globetrotting gamine

  3. Hi Heather,

    Your new look is very, very cute. Love the pink (you can probably tell I'd say that from the main colour scheme here, hey!).

    Thanks for the compliment, Gamine. I love it when my regulars stop by. : )





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