Fabulous Fridays: 18 February 2011

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a deliciously romantic Valentine's Day and that your weekend will bring even more excitement. I've rounded up some beauties for you this week...

  • New York firemen? As Samantha said, "Hello, 911? I'm on fire!".
  • This Telstra commercial cracks me up every time I watch it. Smiley face!
  • The ancient art of pornogami. Brings new meaning to "hand job".
  • There, I Fixed It -- the epic failings of men trying to fix stuff. Some are borderline genius, take a look!
  • Surely there are nicer ways to have your nuptials on the cheap than a McDonald's wedding?
  • The Pinup Boutique is a treasure trove of cute retro pieces, especially the pink Pinup Natalie dress and Switchblade Leopard cardigan.
  • Spiders on drugs and the webs they build. Funny sh*t.
  • Two and a Half Men is basically "Charlie Sheen Acts Like His Usual Knob Jockey Self" -- the TV show. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Why are we encouraging him?
  • Apparently I'm a beer, a nickname for Posh's husband and titties on a fat guy. How does Urban Dictionary define you? 

Latest loves...

Reading: The Writing Class by Jincy Willett -- a fun whodunnit where a writing class has a killer in their midst and Yes Man, which is brilliant so far.
Listening: Strangely enough, classical music. Adam switched over my car radio and now I'm actually enjoying it!
Tasting: Cookies 'n' cream chillers from Gloria Jean's, sushi, stick date cupcake.
Loving: The Hills (my shameful midday secret viewing), the Lush bath bombs I won, no more banging from the gutter repair guy (no, not like that -- get your mind out of the gutter -- ho ho), our Japanese dinner on Valentine's Day, the Lost in Austen mini series a chick I met at a wedding recommended.
Awaiting: Watching a comedian and a burlesque show at the Fringe Festival, returning to blonde bombshell status, playing our friends' Murder, She Wrote board game, cuddly winter clothes, earning some real money!

So it's goodbye from me and goodbye from her (points at self). The joke doesn't really work when you're not The Two Ronnies!


  1. Hi Beck,

    Just a quick note of encouragement. As an editor, I'd love to have you contribute to my publications. You're motivated, your copy is great and you clearly have a passion for the industry. Keep going like this and I'm sure you'll be a household name in no time (and that's not just a throw-away line). I've seen too many talented writers fall by the wayside because they don't persist or don't know their market. That's clearly not an issue for you.

    Best of luck, I look forward to reading your blog now I've stumbled onto it.


  2. Thanks Lefa,

    You don't know how much I needed this encouragement today. I got a rejection for an article I wrote and feeling mighty lousy about it.

    Your comment's made me a little better now. : )




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