Alannah Hill Challenge: Update #3

The Alannah Hill Challenge to build up my magazine writing portfolio is still ticking along...

I'm still pitching one article per weekday and have only had one more yes, from 
 eBaylife again. I've written this second article and sent it to them and I'm now focusing on the SA Life one.

Feeling a bit pitch-weary, I'm going to stop doing it every day Monday-Friday and follow up on the month's worth of ones already sent out instead. Like a good earth-conscious girl, where a publication rejects a pitch, I'll recycle it by sending it elsewhere to a similar magazine.

I'll also slow down on adding further
magazine guides to this blog. Since my last update, I've uploaded Wellbeing, Shop Til You Drop, Dance Australia, Peppermint, and Girlfriend, taking the tally up to 17. You guys will probably enjoy the rest from the relentless stream as well!

Once I've finished the current article I'm writing, I might start sending fresh pitches out again. I want to be efficient, not lazy. There's a fine line.

Hopefully I'll get a "yes" from one of my dream publications soon...

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