Fabulous Fridays: 28 October 2011

Fashionably late this time. Sorry folks! Before my Coke buzz wears off, I'll update you on my crazy, crazy week.

Firstly, the boys' school grounds were MASSIVE and looked so much like Hogwarts, especially the dining hall. I got free lunch with plenty of choices, so I opted for pasta and a muffin on the first day, and a lamb and couscous roll with a chocolate crackle the second day. Yum! The work itself was pretty interesting as well.

The annual general meeting typing job finished ultra-early (after 90 minutes) on Tuesday night, but I'll still get paid for 3 hours at overtime rates. Bonza! The people at the meeting were welcoming and it was nice and close to my house. I love a short commute. : )

The rest of the week, I had more temping and my blog post to write for my copywriting role. I can't wait for you to read it -- I'm quite proud of how it turned out and it's modelled on one of my favourite TV shows. Can you guess which one?

I'm still working on my health magazine article, due next week. Plenty of work for me to do this afternoon. Anyway, on to some lovely links from the Web this week...

What's new @ Becks and the City?

Happy Friday Funday! xx

Crazy-Busy Week!

Here's another snapshot of the zine called Magazine Love I'm creating (view the first sneak peek here). I'll be beavering away on it in between my five separate jobs I'll be working this week -- yes that's right, FIVE!

Apart from the office temp job I've been doing the past two months on Thursdays and Fridays, I'll be a typist at a private boys' school on Monday and Tuesday, be taking minutes for an annual general meeting Tuesday night, writing an article for a health magazine and completing my first copywriting job. Phew! Oh, and did I mention I have either a dancing class, a party or other social engagement every night this week? Yikes. I'm really not that much of a social butterfly. I'm may have to mainline caffeine to survive.

As for my zine, I'm trying to create my fantasy booklet of everything magazine devotees like me will enjoy -- a quiz, recommendations for the best glossies you might not already read, movies about magazines and much, much more. I'd love to hear your suggestions -- you never know, they might just make it into the finished product. Actually, there's a really good chance they will. So suggest away!

I'll keep you posted on my hectic week. In between shots of espresso.


Fabulous Fridays: 21 October 2011

Happy Friday, fabulous people! Here's what's amusing me on the Interwebz this week...

Stay fabulous! xx

Query Letter: "Jetstar" Magazine

I realised I haven't posted any query letters on this blog for ages. Here's one for Jetstar Airways' inflight magazine that didn't fare so well...

I'm a features writer from Adelaide who's written for Cosmo Bride and Women's Health & Fitness, amongst others. Samples of my freelance writing are available on my blog, Becks and the City.

Marooned in a fast-paced, unfamiliar city, where do tech-savvy travellers turn but their iPhones and iPads? Travel apps can help them quickly and easily find the best places to eat, sleep and play, all wrapped in a neat little program.

I'd like to write an article, "iTravel," for Jetstar Magazine readers, clueing them into the most entertaining and helpful information available on these apps, including:
  • nearby restaurants and photos of customers' meals on Foodspotting
  • browsing hotel reviews and attractions on TripAdvisor
  • tracking your flight's status or bus timetable on free local apps.

Coming to 1,000 words, the article would be delivered within two weeks of hearing you are interested.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Douglas

Any clues as to why it was rejected? Maybe it's too brief?

Fabulous Fridays: 14 October 2011


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Be-ecks, happy birthday to me! Here's a slice of cake for you...

Latest loves...

Reading: TV scripts of Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. A future career move?
Listening: Justin Timberlake's Future Sex/Love Sounds album on repeat.
Tasting: Mini guacamole tarts with mango and bruschettas at the weekend wedding, two-minute noodles, and spicy broad beans from Marie Claire magazine's free sample bag.
Loving: A friend clueing me into the dieting delight that is SlimPasta, the Alannah Hill shop girl jobs cropping up in Adelaide (pick me, pick me!), Ying and Alexis's supremely gorgeous wedding, making my own zine, birthday anticipation and fun-ness, landing a writing commission this week, the existence of something called a "snatch strap" *giggle*.
Awaiting: Travelling to Malaysia and Singapore for Ying and Alexis's wedding sequel in January, getting my '80s on at the Roxette concert, all the lovely soirees in the lead-up to Christmas, going on an op shop tour with friends and a few mums, my birthday parties!!!

And that's what's inspiring me this week. Off to blow out the candles. Toodle-oo!

My Friends' Wedding

The weekend was full of frivolity, with two of my best friends marrying each other! I was on bridesmaidly duties and Mr Big looked mighty fine in a suit as a groomsman. In the style of my quiz last year on marrying Mr Big, here's another test of your psychic wedding senses...

1  The happy couple's names are
a)  Aidan and Carrie
b)  Mr Big and Carrie
c)  Cash and Carrie
d)  Alexis and Ying
correct answer: d

2  The bride was photographed with _______ we encountered along the river
a)  a politician who enjoys being peed on
b)  red-hot firemen and their red-hot truck
c)  a Long Island iced tea
d)  a ferry
correct answer: b (yes, that was a Sex and the City reference there to episode one of season three, I'm not a complete sicko!)

3  In my reception speech, I called Ying and Alexis
a)  Slumberwoman and Captain Fairness Pants
b)  Sonny and Cher
c)  Sense and Sensibility
correct answer: a

4  The bride's two separate dresses for the ceremony and the reception were
a)  white and red
b)  black and gold
c)  puce and aubergine
correct answer: a

5  Because we're classy folks, after the reception the bridal party enjoyed
a)  a strip show from a groomsman
b)  burgers from Hungry Jack's
c)  hanging out in a hotel room
d)  wearing camel pants showing a camel toe
correct answer: all of the above

How was your weekend?

Fabulous Fridays: 7 October 2011

Before I indulge in a lazy, sinful dinner of wedges and sauce, I thought I'd serve up a smattering of saucy suggestions for you this Fabulous Friday...

Hello Lover!

Next week? A super-special-fragilistic BUMPER BIRTHDAY ISSUE of Fabulous Fridays and news of my friend's wedding on the weekend! xx

Becks and the City Magazine Love Zine COMING SOON!

Hey, sorry for giving you the silent treatment since Friday. I've been working on a very special project...

Eagle-eyed Becks and the City followers will have noticed I've recently fallen hard for zines (handmade booklets of quirkiness) and posted my top picks in a Facebook gallery. They're just so likeable, kind of the cuter younger cousin of glossy magazines, and I've been busy constructing one all about their older relatives. : )

So here's a little sneak peek just for you!

You like?

Fabulous Fridays: 30 September 2011

There's a new addition to Fabulous Fridays this week, inspired by Batty's Bath (I warned everyone I was coveting her "What's New" feature here!), but first, the link line-up this week...

What's New @ Becks and the City...

  • On Facebook: Photo gallery of the best independent fashion zines.
  • New Magazine Article: Click here to view the new Women's Health & Fitness piece in my portfolio.
  • New Fabulous Books: Click here to see the four new picks at the Fabulous Bookstore.
  • Poll: Vote for your favourite thing about magazines. Click here.
  • Interview: Check out the Stuff that I Love profile of me on stylish site, Chasing Aphrodite.

More exciting developments next week. That's all for now!


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