The Year That Was 2010

Beck's Year 2010...
  1. Married Adam and had an action-packed honeymoon jet-skiing, snorkeling and photographing Big Things.
  2. Was interviewed by The Morning Show, Today Tonight and Money magazine.
  3. Began eating red meat again.
  4. Had my first magazine article published by Cosmo Bride.
  5. Became hooked on pole dancing classes and mastered inverts, the "teddy bear" and assorted other tricks.
  6. Wore outrageous hairstyles, sipped oversized cocktails, saw U2 live, and cleared out the shops on two girls' trips to Melbourne.
  7. Celeb-spotted Marion from Masterchef  in Cairns.
  8. Witnessed one of my favourite teenage novels become film magic by seeing Tomorrow When the War Began.
  9. Channeled my inner handywoman by installing a tap and patching gyprock holes at home.
  10. Went on a midnight undie scavenger hunt.
  11. Raised Minnie from kitten to cuddly cat and incorporated her into Jemma's crazy world.
  12. Treated myself to Tiffany earrings.
  13. Built my blogs, Becks and the City and I LOVE WINNING, from beginner to (somewhat) bustling.
  14. Weathered the disappointment of the Sex and the City movie.
  15. Dabbled in dark hair, vintage clothes and designer mascara.
  16. Ate barramundi, enjoyed a pedicure, took a tour with some kindly elderly folk and gawked at many a crocodile in Darwin.
  17. Was offered a promotion, then another, then wasn't, then was, then wasn't. Who can keep up?
  18. Became a Gleek and fan of The Big Bang Theory.
  19. Organised twelve months off next year to write, write, write.
  20. Met and shared company with fascinating, fantastic people along the way!
Here's to a great year and wishing you an even better one for 2011. : )

Fabulous Fridays: 31 December 2010

Farewell, 2010, and hellooooo 2011. It's the final Fabulous Friday of the year and I've got some intriguing snippets to share with you...

  • I'm crushing on Victoria's Secret hair right now. My new signature do for 2011?
  • Okay, hair obsession #2 -- the faux bob. Adam has been vigorously campaigning for me to get the chop and sport a bob for months. Pity my hair is thick and curly and therefore wholly unsuited to a real bob. Enter the fake... PS this tutorial is on the new web site, Life.Styled., of former Madison magazine editor, Paula Joye. I've been eagerly awaiting its launch and now it's here!
  • A shout-out to this wonderful blog and accompanying book, How To Be an Everyday Philanthropist. Wicked -- in a very good way, and a brilliant book idea to boot.
  • Defunct celebrity board games. I'd like the Urkel one for my next birthday please. Want more? How about the War on Terror board game, complete with balaclava of evil? Thought so.
  • Interesting: Kristin Davis (Charlotte from Sex and the City) played a character with my name, Rebecca Douglas, in an awful-sounding movie, The Shaggy Dog.
  • The lashes I'll be rocking tonight -- Cosmic Chain Tokyo Lash.
  • Trialled our new Bananagrams game yesterday. Although nothing can ever take Scrabble's place in my heart, this comes close. Can be learnt in mere seconds and tons of fun!
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl official site with episode guide, downloads etc. Can't get enough.
  • I'm thinking I may need to own this book. There's always room on my bookshelf for this sort of social experiment!

Latest loves...

Reading: Not much, but I've been blogging up a storm. There'll be some intriguing updates soon...
Listening: The latest Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions album and "Handle with Care" and "End of the Line" by the Traveling Wilburys. Wonderful Christmas presents!
Tasting: Raspberries, Lindt chocolate, vegetarian lasagne, Christmas roast, water and lots of it.
Loving: Discovering the fairy cave on our day-trip to the local German village today, holidays with Adam to relax and explore together, Christmas time with family (barring quips I'm taking maternity leave in 2011 -- growl!), a gorgeous bounty of pressies, the story of a helicopter shuttling a stranded calf to safety in the US.
Awaiting: My jaw to unlock after months of stress-induced teeth grinding, tying up a few final wedding leftovers, owning a baby pink convertible (it could happen), a romantic getaway next week with Adam, New Year's celebrations tonight!

Have a spectacular, special, spicy New Year and see you in 2011!

12 Fashion iPhone Apps to Know

In the interests of bringing you the news that matters, here's 12 of the best iPhone apps for fashionistas (out of a pretty average field, I must say!).

The brand epitomising traditional elegance tries catering to customers via contemporary technology.
Features: Store locator, browse latest looks, Chanel news.
Verdict: A massive whatever. Doesn't offer much and delivers it poorly.
Rating: **

Diane Von Furstenberg
Maker of grown-up, somewhat exy dresses in eye-popping colour combos takes foray into digital age.
Features: Browse latest collections, Twitter updates, store finder, advertising videos.
Verdict: Meh. There's no store in Australia and there's not much content. I grow weary of this.
Rating: **

Download: Free
If I need to describe this site to you, how the hell do you own an iPhone? The auction site of the 21st century.
Features: Snappy little barcode scanner (I became obsessed and scanned most products in the house, just for the fun of it), search by auction or "Buy It Now" listing.
Verdict: Truly useful for bargain-hunting.
Rating: ****

Etsy Addict
Online craft and vintage clothes marketplace, Etsy, gets its own app. Looking for handmade wedding invitations, an original painting for your wall or an enviable pair of earrings? It's all here.
Features: Browse featured listings and by category or search and label your favourites.
Verdict: Adore the web site, adore the app. My sparkly red, cherry-adorned shoes from Etsy never fail to attract compliments.
Rating: *****

Forever New
Download: Free
Inexpensive Aussie clothing brand makes good. Picture pastels and creams in French-inspired, modern styles.
Features: List of stores and updates on new store openings, browse collections and share on Facebook and Twitter.
Verdict: Lack of content renders search function a tad meaningless. Gorgeous frocks though.
Rating: **

Download: Free
Italian designer of luxury clothing and leather goods. I wouldn't be knocking back this stuff if someone were offering.
Features: Store locator, iTunes playlist of Gucci creative director's fave songs (rather cool), advertising videos, Gucci music channel streaming sounds continuously, little black book (takes an eon to load, limited to major cities worldwide).
Verdict: Points for putting genuine thought into creating unique features. Do quite fancy the music channel.
Rating: ***

Download: Free
Everyman (/woman) department store attempts to get the jump on competitors with an abysmal app.
Features: Store locator with opening hours and directions, gift finder, catalogues, wishlist, online shopping.
Verdict: Bug-ridden and irregularly updated, but shows potential. If they keep groping in the dark, they might get it right eventually.
Rating: **

Download: Free
The go-to destination for luxury-branded clothing and accessories on the Net.
Features: Online shopping and wishlist, magazine.
Verdict: Realistically, the clothes are out of my price range, but good for a browse for wardrobe inspiration. The range is not huge and the app is rather simplistic.
Rating: **

Download: Free
Every fashion maven worth her salt pledges allegiance to The Sartorialist, a blog comprising snaps of fashionable folk on the streets of New York, Paris, Milan etc with commentary. I gotta admit, it doesn't really do it for me (shock, horror).
Features: Photos from the blog and ability to share them on Facebook.
Verdict: Becomes boring after .04 seconds.
Rating: *

Download: Free
Online shop for women's, men's and kids' clothing and accessories, along with home and living products.
Features: Browse by brand or store or search for a desired item.
Verdict: Heaven for die-hard shoppers. Every shoe and handbag imaginable can be found here. There are 7,940 clutch purses alone!
Rating: *****

Download: Free
Kate Moss designed for them. 'Nuff said. Affordable, stylish, six months ahead of our stores Down Under like Sportsgirl, Portmans and Witchery.
Features: Blog, "how to" guides to wearing various trends, online shopping, entertaining videos, (rubbish) store locator.
Verdict: Neat-o. Earns an "A" pretty much all round other than loading slower than a snail on Valium.
Rating: ****

Victoria's Secret
Download: Free
The underwear on women's wishlists and in men's jerk-off collections the world over (crass, but accurate). 
Features: Online shopping and featurettes of runway shows, model interviews and customised music videos.
Verdict: As long as it's not Miranda Kerr, who, contrary to popular opinion, comes across to me as completely insincere and arrogant, I'm fascinated by the pretty, modelly types of Victoria's Secret. Can't get enough of the behind-the-scenes footage. I'm skeptical about ordering underwear without trying it on though.
Rating: ***

Much love and lust-haves

Fabulous Fridays: 24 December 2010

I've finally done it. As of NOW, I'm officially a full-time writer for a year. Well, a brief holiday first and then knuckling down on 1 January 2011, promise. : )

It's been an eventful week. My interview with Today Tonight about Internet shopping was aired on Monday evening (although I hear my on-screen presence lasted for about .02 seconds). This adds to my TV appearance on The Morning Show and interview in Money magazine earlier this year. It's kinda fun, but primarily pimping myself out to various media outlets is with the aim of jacking up my credibility for my book proposal. Priority number one for 2011 or The Year of Beck Writing, as it shall now be known. One interview's a fluke, two's a coincidence and three's a pattern. Yummy patterny goodness. Book deal now please?

For now, we'll be decking our halls for a few select guests and some truly hideous holiday DVDs for our traditional Crap Movie Christmas Eve event. First up, Deck the Halls with Danny Devito and Sarah Jessica Parker's hubby, Matthew Broderick. Then, Superbad. PS, did you know John Corbett, actor playing Sex and the City's Aidan, is in real life Tarzan to Bo Derek's Jane? Yep, they're a couple. I would've thought her old enough to be his mum, but they're only 4.5 years apart. Wow.

Latest loves...

Reading: I'm eyeing off the Harry Potter series, but am scared it will spoil the final movie for me. Decisions, decisions...
Listening: Cranking the Christmas tunes, which in our house means David Hasselhoff and Mariah Carey. Terribly unfashionable, but cheery!
Tasting: Adam's spaghetti bolognese, pavlova (Best. Dessert. Ever!), umpteen scrumptious things at the all-day grazing table at work today.
Loving: Karaoke carols with Consumer Affairs colleagues -- nothing says festive fun like Wham's "Last Christmas" and vodka Cruisers, learning how to peel prawns, winning a gift bag full of Dior makeup from Myer, catching up with old friends this week, being a free(lancing) agent for 12 months as of NOW!!!
Awaiting: Yuletide snow in Australia (it could happen, right?), Santa Claus leaving a Tiffany toy under the tree for me, post-Christmas sales, fireworks and holographic false eyelashes at New Year's.

Merry Christmas from Becks and the City. May it be filled with fun, food, friends, family and Fendi!


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